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Nurses all over the world play a vital role in the delivery of healthcare. No longer is it the case that nurses are merely doctors' assistants; nurses today are part of a highly respected professional community devoted to the delivery of high quality healthcare. Nursing education, therefore, must strive to constantly develop and adapt to new technologies in order to maximize the potential of the right people and provide them with internationally recognized qualifications.

Established in 2001, Binawan Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS) is at the forefront of nursing and healthcare education in Southeast Asia . Located in the centre of Jakarta with an area of 20,000 sq-meter , BIHS is the only Indonesian educational institute to provide healthcare students with internationally recognized qualifications which enable them to work anywhere in the world.

The worldwide demand for professional nurses is huge, with many Western countries experiencing critical shortages. At the same time, Indonesia has an over-supply of nurses, but many are under-qualified in the eyes of the international healthcare community. BIHS is, through international partnerships with a growing number of prestigious Western universities and years of facility and staff development, leading the way in Indonesia towards rectifying this situation.

A wide range of courses are on offer at BIHS, tailored to suit an individual's needs. Nursing degree courses are available for all, from those who have recently graduated high school to those who have already attained qualifications and experience in the nursing profession. Short courses are also available, and our recently developed physiotherapy courses offer students a new, exciting challenge.

BIHS campus is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced healthcare education facility in Indonesia . Equipped with the latest high-tech equipment and staffed by highly skilled, qualified and motivated academic staff, BIHS has it all.

Language is a key aspect of preparing healthcare professional for the international job market. To this end, BIHS campus includes a large language centre, which is well on the way to achieving its goal of providing top quality language training for a wide variety of specific purposes. Binawan Language Centre is similarly staffed by a highly trained, qualified team of instructors, both Indonesian and foreign, and again implements all of the latest teaching-learning techniques and facilities. Many healthcare lectures and tutorials are also conducted in English.

Whether you seek to take your first steps into a rewarding worldwide community or to develop your established career, Binawan Institute of Health Sciences is the place for you. Studying at BIHS is challenging, rewarding and fun, and opens the door to a bright future of global healthcare employment


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