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World health community has two strong indicators, which stand out from those of other communities. On one hand, there is an increased public demand for an improvement in the quality of healthcare On the other hand, the demographic situation has reduced the domestic supply of available healthcare professionals within advanced nations.

Indonesia may be seen to be bucking the global trend by actually having a large segment of the public interested in becoming healthcare professionals. Those prospective healthcare professionals are highly motivated, although lack of proper training and work experience in high technology and modern health science environments more readily available in the advanced nations.

Even with minimal number of qualified healthcare professionals, Indonesia is still capable of assuming a more important role in the global environment with its broad base of potential professionals in healthcare. The national strategy in health sector is therefore to offer its rich base of prospective healthcare professionals to fulfill the needs of the international health community. Thus, through its international association that provides exposure to a higher quality level of healthcare available abroad, Indonesia can arrange its own base of healthcare professionals to be expanded and improved as better trained professionals upon their return to Indonesia.

In participation Binawan Institute of Health Sciences has introduced a new concept that comprehensively makes use of foreign potency in the framework of enhancing the quality of Indonesian healthcare professionals besides using integrated materials, teaching aid teaching methodology to achieve international standard internationally applieds.

Jakarta, July 2001



Ir. Saleh Alwaini

Chairman Of Binawan Foundation


Saturday the 21st. STIKes BINAWAN 2012
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