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BIHS faculty of Nursing provides undergraduate courses for high school graduates and Diploma III graduates.

The general aim is for the Sarjana Keperawatan (SKp), The university program is to develop graduates who can function as practitioners exhibiting the following characteristics: clinical competence, change agent skills, facilitation skills, acknowledgement of the need for ongoing professional education and professional commitment and the most important one is to enable them to have an internationally recognized degree and to perform the service globally.

Nursing areas studied include family and child health, medical, surgical, psychiatric and mental health and community nursing. The curriculum includes courses in behavioralbehavioural, social and life sciences. The Nursing education is not only concerned with the care of people who are ill, but also with health promotion, ill health prevention and enabling people to become more responsible for their own health that is, primary health care (PHC).

After completing the course, graduates are able to:

  • Graduates will exhibit a sound foundational knowledge of nursing practice that is embedded within knowledge of the discipline of nursing and informed by other disciplines such as biomedical, physical, social, behavioural sciences, law and ethics.
  • Professional practice requires a certain level of relevant knowledge. The ability to construct this knowledge in relation to the health care system, the profession and the community will be a characteristic of Int graduates. It includes an ability to reason inductively and deductively, whilst being able to justify positions within ethical, legal and resource frameworks. This implies an understanding about the way that knowledge is created.
  • Graduate nurses will have the ability to plan, prioritise, organise and undertake nursing care safely and with minimal supervision in a variety of contexts. They will be versatile and adaptable.
  • graduates will be able to comprehensively and accurately assess the needs of individuals and groups and to plan, implement and evaluate nursing care. Graduates will have the skill and knowledge to medicate safely, to maintain clinical asepsis and to communicate clearly and relate effectively to others.
  • Graduate nurses will appreciate the centrality of interpersonal processes in nursing practice, which they can demonstrate through effective and therapeutic communication.
  • Nursing graduates will understand concepts of professional responsibility and professional practice. They will also possess a range of generic capacities that will enhance their competence. As a member of a multi-disciplinary health care team, the graduate nurse will have the ability to work effectively to achieve common goals.

The value placed on student learning through practise and observation is reflected in the proportion of time allocated to clinical practice within both the BIHS. Clinical experiences will occur under supervision in prepared settings supported by learning objectives that integrate and define theoretical learning. The graduates will therefore have developed a capacity and desire to learn from both experiences in the workplace and through more formal educational opportunities. Professional practice requires the ability to continually integrate theory and practice. This means relating theory to practice and theorising whilst practising, so that theory and practice become one. Seeking and knowing provide expectations of practice which are then refined by reflection on practice.

Since 2004 BIHS has implemented an International Curicullum whose graduates this program entitled to hold a Sarjana Keperawatan (SKp).

Career Opportunities
As nurses, students will have to provide care that supports people during illness and promote health and wellness over their lifespan. As nurses with an internationally recognized and professional, they will certainly have big opportunities to enter the global market by working at the hospitals abroad in developed countries such as Kuwait, USA and Canada, as well as European and Middle East countries.

Professional Recognition
Graduates will be eligible for registration with Indonesian National Nursing Association (PPNI)


  1. Program Reguler (For those who graduated from senior high school)
  2. Program Pindahan (For diploma III in nursing who want to upgrade their qualification at baccalaureate degree level)


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