Capping Day 2005



Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Capping Day 2005

Capping day or kepaniteraan is a ceremony for nursing students before they do the first clinical practice, contact with the real patients (clients) in the hospital setting. The main idea of the ceremony is to give student understanding about nursing ethic in doing clinical practice; they have to articulate promises that they will perform the best practice in clinical fields and give respect to all as part of ethical conduct.

The number of students was 179 from program A 2005. Cheryl Waters, PhD, Dean Faulty of Nursing, Binawan Institute of Health Science gave speech to the students and she was also placing the nurse cap to the student representative as a symbol of nurses uniform before they work in hospital. Professor Jill Withe, Dean Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, University of Technology , Sydney attended with other local distinguish guests from the hospitals. Mrs. Atijah, SKp, MKep, director of nursing, Tarakan Hospital gave speech as hospital representative. Finally, the student signed a kepaniteraan certificate


Friday the 20th. STIKes BINAWAN 2012
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