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Nurse Training is a department at BIHS which has mission to upgrade Indonesian nurses to be able to work professionally in overseas countries.

Target Countries

We have been developing collaborations with several countries. The destination countries include:

  1. Middle East : Kuwait , UEA, Oman , Qatar , Bahrain , Jordan
  2. Europe : UK , Holland , Belgium , Portugal , Norway
  3. Asia Pacific: Singapore , Brunei , Japan , Taiwan and Australia

Why should you join the Training Program at Binawan?

  1. We have an internationally standardized curriculum
    The curriculum is constantly monitored, evaluated and improved by our overseas partners, making it easier for participants to pass the tests that are conducted by the prospective employers.
  2. We have qualified instructors and native-speaker language instructors.
    Over 70 highly qualified, experienced nursing instructors and English teachers are available for those who are participating in the training program at Binawan.
  3. We have sophisticated and up-to-date facilities.
    • Modern Nursing laboratory and mini hospital
    • Convenient library
    • classrooms Good links with reputable hospitals
    • Modern language laboratory and language-learning support facilities.

Campus Location :

  • BIHS Kalibata, Jakarta

Semester Entry :

  • September and March


  • 6 Months

Entry Requirements

  • Diploma Nurse Graduates
  • Past selection test
    - Writing test
    - Psychological test
    - Medical check up
    - English Test


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